Certified Valuations

Your jewellery deserves to be properly insured, and your best protection is a professionally written valuation with detailed information and photograph.

A Certificate of Valuation is a comprehensive document that lists all pieces being appraised and assigns a replacement value for each piece individually.  The certificate is a complete record of information to replace your jewellery items, should they be lost, damaged or stolen, necessary for insurance, and probate or property division purposes.

The description includes style, period (if applicable), method of manufacture, any trademarks or identification stamps and metal types are listed for each piece.  The weight of the piece is also listed in grams.  Diamonds and other gemstones have their actual or estimated carat weight (depending on the setting) with cut, colour, clarity, fluorescence and other identification points listed. Current replacement values and condition report at valuation and colour photographs that will assist in case of recovery or remake.

Our valuations are not computerised.  In the old-fashioned way, qualified staff individually assesses each piece of your precious jewellery.

We also offer Appraisals and Quotations for your insurance company.